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남극생태계의 핵심종 크릴을 보호하자 – 국회 토론회

2009년 9월29일 오후 국회 의원회관 125호 세미나실에서 크릴토론회가 있었습니다.

올해 남빙양수산자원보전회의(CCAMLR)를 앞두고 준비된 것인데 국정감사를 앞두고 있고 정부(농림수산부, 환경부, 외교부)등에서 부담스러워해서 크릴보호정책에서 진전된 이야기를 끌어내지는 못했습니다.

하지만 거제환경연합의 운영위원이신 경상대 최병대 교수가 어려운 발걸음을 해주셔서 좋은 말씀을 해주셨고, 부산 전시진 의장님도 오셔서 크릴미끼로 인한 환경오염문제를 생생하게 전해주셨습니다.

예상하지 않았던 프로낚시연맹사람들이 3명이나 와서 크릴미끼를 안쓰면 납추문제가 심각해진다는 이야기를 제기했습니다. 최병대 교수의 중재로 낚시인모임때 환경연합을 초청해서 크릴문제에 대해 생각해보는 시간을 갖자는 제안도 있었습니다. 결론적으로 낚시면허제의 필요성과 낚시예절교육을 통해서 크릴문제와 더불어 해양보호의 필요성을 알리자는 공감대가 있었습니다.


Yesterday, ASOC Korea had a seminar at parliament house.  It was organized jointly by 2 parliament members, opposition party members, with KFEM(Korea Federation for Environmental Movement) ocean committee. Participants were not many around 11; one from ministry of agriculture and fisheries, one from university, one from Pusan KFEM, one from KFEM members, 3 from sports fishing association, 3 from ASOC Korea, 2 from parliament house something like that. Just before the parliaments annual auditing program, which is the most important role of parliament to administration as a kind of check and balance system, it was not easy to organize larger seminar.


Under Yeyongs moderating, there were 2 presentation and designated panel discussion for 2 hours. Jihyun started first presentation with basic introduction of Antarctic ecosystem and the importance and crisis of Krill. She ended her speech with explanation of current issues of SSMUs and observer issues. Second presentation was about domestic krill consumption and environmental problem by Mr CHEON, the co-chair of Pusan KFEM, showing various pictures that contaminated badly by krill bait consumption around many different coastal areas and islands.


Government official simply introduced current issues at CCAMLR and WG-EMM without any new or improved idea. Actually he is working for a division of  international organization so he didnt know details about specific krill polices and background stories. Jihyun and Yeyong tried to draw something new from the government official but no way. Actually another government official from the division of distant water fishery was supposed to come but didnt make it due to personal injury. Basically they were not happy to come this seminar.


Prof CHOI from a national university majoring aqua food engineering and Ms PARK who are 2nd year university student commented the necessity of sustainable fishing and consumption. He pointed out the problem of Koreas domestic consumption mainly sports fishing bait.


People from sports fishing association raised the issue that without krill bait the issue of lead for fishing sinker would have been serious. After some debate with them, there was a good suggestion by Prof CHOI to invite ASOC Korea to the general meeting of sports fishing people to introduce the issue of krill then it might be a good chance to make sports fishing people to consider the global environment.


As a conclusion, this seminar focused on how to make domestic krill consumption environment friendly and publics awareness. Most participants agreed the necessity of sports fishing authority system not to overuse the bait and other purpose.


Thats it now for the yesterday parliament seminar reporting to you. I guess after CCAMLR, we need to reorganize another seminar to focus on the CCAMLR issue.


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