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[영문]Feeding of Wintering Black-faced Spoonbills in Hong Kong:When and How Long?

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Feeding of Wintering Black-faced Spoonbills in Hong Kong:
When and How Long?


Department of Ecology and Biodiversity, University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong 1
Present address: Doolhof 7, 1792 CM Oudeschild, Texel, The Netherlands Abstract.
-The Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor) has often been considered to be a mainly nocturnal feeder.
The present study shows that this species is better classified as crepuscular, being predominantly active around
sunrise and sunset, but they may also feed during the day and at night. The periods of twilight and the tides interact
in the timing of feeding. On average, just over 4 hours per day (17%) is spent for feeding, about 19.5 h (81%) loafing
and less than a half hour (1.6%) flying.
Received 26 April 2003, accepted 20 July 2003.

Key words.

Platalea minor
, feeding time, feeding duration, Hong Kong, China.
Waterbirds 27(2): 135-140, 2004


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