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서산 천수만 국제 심포지움 및 아태 이동성 물새 보전회의 – Reclaimed Rice Paddies in Districts A and B and Migratory Birds

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Benefits of Rice Paddy
B seawall Completed
A Seawall Completed
Sale rice fields
Tab 1. Reclamation status (ha)
Cheonsu Bay, a Internationally Important Site for Migratory Waterbirds
Relationship between rice farming and migratory birds
Tab 2. Migratary Birds at Rice Growth stage
A note of Black-winged Stilt’s nest
Bird Zone
Protection of Bird Nests
Leaving Food Sources for Wintering Migratory Birds
Things to be Improved about Biodiversity Management Contracts
Complements for Detailed Project Plan

글 : Cheonsu-Bay,s Friends
자료출처 : 환경운동연합


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