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W E L C O M E !
The FoEI Rio+10-campaign’s introductory meeting at Jo’burg
Sunday, August 25th – 13:00- 19:00

Preliminary Program

13:00 Warm Welcome
by Daniel Mittler, Campaign Coordinator Rio+10

13:02 Welcome to Johannesburg!
Introduction to the big city by Donald Pols, Rio+10-campaign,

13:15 Welcome to St. Stithians
Introduction to logistics and surroundings by Mae Ocampo, FoEI-secretariat and Lotte
Asveld, Rio+10-campaign, Johannesburg

13:30 Welcome to the Earthsummit!
Introduction to the political event by Daniel Mittler, Coordinator
(plus campaign coordinators)


14:30 Welcome to the Campaign!
Introduction to Jo’burg team work by Marc Engelhardt, FoEI
Coordination Team

14:40 Welcome to the Giant!
Introduction to the FoEI main-action by Joanna Watson, FoEI main

14:50 Spontaneous Welcome!
Introduction to the ad-hoc-actions team by Craig Bennett, Ad hoc-

15:00 Welcome the press!
Introduction to media-work in Jo’burg by Niccolo Sarno, FoEI-press-

15:10 www.elcome.injoburg
Introduction to web-work in Jo’burg by Verena Graichen, Internet-team

15:20 Welcome on air
Introduction to Radio Earthsummit by Eka Morgan, Radio-team

Questions and Coffee-Break

16:00 Well, come and discuss
Items for general political discussion and decision
Chair: N.N., FoEI-XC

1. FoEI-Participation at other demonstrations
2. FoEI and Type 2s

ca. 17:30 Welcome any other business

18:00 Welcome and good-bye
…see you at the next meeting, every morning at 8:00



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