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0816 Position-English of KPNR-추니(20020817)

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Position to the Implementation of Plan
World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD)

Korean Peoples’ Network on RIO+10
August 13, 2002

Before participating in the upcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development to be held
in Johannesburg, South Africa, the Korean Peoples’ Network on Rio+10 (KPNR) wishes to
state its position as follows:

We, having watched the past four Preparatory Committees, notice with apprehension that
most of the issues not yet agreed upon, amounting to 25 percent of the total issues, are
due to the clear differences between developed and developing countries over
globalization– secured in the implementation of and through the means of the Rio

Particularly, we are seriously concerned that because the United States and other
developed countries have rejected the principles of “common but differentiated
responsibility” (Article 7 of Rio Declaration) and of “Precautionary Approach”(Article 15
of Rio Declaration)–which were confirmed in the 1992—are being jeopardized. The basic
purpose of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), to evaluate the
implementation of Agenda 21 in the past 10 years and discuss its direction for the coming
10 years, is thus seriously called into question.

We are deeply worried that the rapid progress of globalization and strengthening of
international trade and financial institutions, such as the WTO and IMF, are further
increasing the wealth disparity between developed and developing countries, as well as
inequalities within individual countries, resulting in a further deterioration of earth’
s environment.

Therefore, in order to secure effective sustainable development, we stress the need for
prioritizing all multilateral environmental agreements over multilateral trade regimes,
including the Doha Development Agenda, and emphasize that Doha Development Agenda should
be reformulated from a sustainable development perspective.

We also notice that poverty is the primary cause of environmental degradation, and urge
developed countries to establish the World Solidarity Fund for poverty eradication and
increase Official Development Assistance (ODA) beyond the Monterrey Consensus, as a means
to settle the ecological debt they owe to developing countries.

We, Korean Peoples’ Network on Rio+10, emphasize that, by 2010, urge to world that
increase the global share to at the least 15% of total primary energy, and urge such
countries as the United States, Canada, and Australia to fulfill, in Rio spirit, their
responsibilities as developed countries for the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol.

Globalization of market and trade is accelerating globalization of enterprises and
capital investment. As a result, environmental destruction caused by business activities
is aggravating poverty in developing countries. Therefore, it is becoming necessary to
establish a concrete mechanism to enhance corporation accountability for the society and
the environment, as well as to regulate transnational corporations. We strongly urge the
WSSD, at its coming session, to adopt corporation accountability as an agenda between
governments, and concretly discuss regulation of transnational corporations.

Lastly, we take notice with the fact that sustainable development has begun to involve
not only economic growth, but also wide-ranging issues of human security, environmental
protection, social justice, human rights and etc. We strongly emphasize that in order to
achieve veritable sustainable development, women should be guaranteed equitable and full
participation in all fields, including potitical, economic, social, and environmental

The current earth environment is faced with a crisis equal in urgency to the fate of the
sinking Titanic. We expect that developed countries, as well as Korea, will more
responsibly deal with the issues that were not agreed upon at the previous preparatory
committees. We urge them to set an example by saving the sinking Earth.


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