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2 August 2002

The World Summit on Sustainable Development
26 August-4 September 2002
Johannesburg, South Africa

Draft Program of the Plenary Sessions


26 August, AM – (Plenary Hall)

(Presided by the SG of the Summit until Summit President is elected. Once the President
is elected, Plenary meetings will be chaired by the President of the Summit, one of the
25 Vice-Presidents, or the Vice-President from South Africa)


· Election of the President
· Adoption of the rules of procedure
· Adoption of the agenda and organization of work of the Summit
– accreditation of inter-governmental organizations

· Election of officers other than the President.
· Organization of work, including the establishment of the Main Committee
· Establishment of the Credentials Committee

26 August– through 29 August AM


Six plenary sessions, involving major groups and UN system organizations, will be held
from 26-29 August. Deliberations during these sessions will focus on the following areas:

26 August AM: Health
26 August PM: Biodiversity/Ecosystem.
27 August AM: Agriculture

27 August PM: Cross-sectoral (Finance/Trade, Technology Transfer,
Information/Education/Science, Consumption Patterns, and Capacity Building).

28 August AM: Water and Sanitation
28 August PM: Energy
29 August AM: Regional Panel followed by a Wrap up session

Proposed outline for the Sessions:

(a) Up to 15-minute presentation of each of the issues

(b) A 75 minute discussion among up to 20 representatives of relevant UN entities,
Major Groups as well as Experts/Advisers moderated by a facilitator.

(c) For the remaining 90 minutes, open discussion in the plenary.

August 29 PM – through 30 August PM



· Permanent observers
· UN Agencies and other UN family members
· Other accredited Inter-governmental organizations
· Representatives of UN organs
· Associate members of regional commissions
· Representatives of NGOs and other Major Groups
· A limited number of special guests.

Length of statements: 5 minutes.
Total sessions: 5 (with 2 evening sessions)

31 August-1 September (Weekend)


Arrival of Heads of State or Government

Heads of State or Government will begin to arrive at the Conference Centre at 7:45 am on
Monday, 2 September for the opening session of the Summit at 9:00 am.

2 September AM


Chaired by the President of the Summit


Followed by:

General Debate among States (through 4 September AM)

According to the list of speakers managed by the Department of General Assembly Affairs
and Conference Services (DGAACS)

Chaired by the President or Vice-Presidents of the Summit (HOS/HOG Level)

2 September PM— Through 4 September AM



Modalities of the Roundtables as contained in decision L.7, para 1.e)
(i) Each of the round tables will comprise seventy seats: up to fifty for Government
delegations and twenty for other participants, including the specialized agencies of the
United Nations and related organizations and major groups;

(ii) Any given State, international organization or representative of a major group can
participate in only one of the round tables;

(iii) Only heads of State or Government participating in a round table can be accompanied
by an additional person, who will be seated behind;

(iv) Generally, only heads of State or Government will be invited to speak during the
round tables;

(v) A limited number of heads of United Nations organizations and agencies, which are
members of the Chief Executives Board, as well as chief executive officers of private
enterprises and representatives at similar levels from other major groups may also be
invited to speak at the round tables;

(vi) The round tables will be chaired by heads of State or Government, who will be
invited by the President of the Summit to perform this function. The chairpersons of the
four round tables will come from the Asian Group, the Eastern European Group, the Latin
American and Caribbean Group, and the Group of Western European and other States;

(vii) States will be invited by the Secretariat to inscribe in order to participate in
one of the round tables in advance of the Summit, bearing in mind that the total number
of States participating in any given round table should not exceed fifty, as provided in
paragraph 5 (i) above;

(viii) Proceedings of the round tables will be telecast in an “over-flow room” open to
the media;

(ix) The outcomes of the round tables will be reflected in the summaries of the
chairpersons, which will be reported to the closing plenary meeting of the Summit and
included in the final report of the Summit;

Format (for each roundtable):

Up to 50 Governments (Inscription by DGAACS)

9 Major Groups (one per category)
6 UN entities that are members of the Chief Executives Board
1 Regional Commission
4 Inter-governmental Organizations

There will be no list of speakers opened prior to the roundtables.

Note: IGO and Major Group Participants MUST be heads of their organizations

4 September PM


Multi-stakeholder event with 5 high level representatives from each Major Group with one
speaking on behalf of the group. Focus is to express and exchange commitments to
implement Agenda 21 and Summit outcomes.

Adoption of the final documents

Closure of the Summit


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