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Draft Note of Civil Society Informal Gathering During |Asia Pacific Regional PrepComm for WSSD

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Draft Note of Civil Society Informal Gathering
During |Asia Pacific Regional PrepComm for WSSD
On the lawn of Hotel Intercontinental, Phnom Penh

27th of November, 5 p.m

by Emmy Hafild, National Coordinator Indonesian People Forum.

1. The civil society groups attending the roundtable dialogue during Asia Pacific
PrepComm in PhnomPenh felt the needs to gather and discuss the problem we face in the
process leading towards WSSD. The gathering was initiated by Emmy Hafild from the
Indonesian People Forum for Johannesburg based on suggestion from several participants.
2. There were 3 issues that was discussed, the limited number of seats available
for major groups during the Minsiterial meeting on the 28th and 29th of November,
preparation for the next PrepComm and the proposal from South African group for an
international steering group or focal points for civil society.
3. The first issue was dealt promptly, that was all groups that were present in
Phnom Penh do not agree to have only 40 seats (for all major group) available for us. The
reason according to ESCAP is limit of space. The room is too small for every body to come
into the room. So all civil society participants want to be allowed inside the meeting
room and to participate as observers to the ministerial meeting. The group then decided
to write a letter to ESCAP and be signed by all of us. Jo Padilla from WWF Philippines
then drafted the letter and was signed by all civil society representative who attended
the meeting.
4. The second issue about preparation for PrepComm II, III and IV. PrepComm II and
IV will have multistakeholder dialogue, PrepComm III will not have multistakeholder
dialogue. However, lobby during PrepComm III is important to get civil society agenda
into WSSD. Leadership in CSD has collapsed since the breakup of the Co-chair of the civil
society steering committee for CSD. We need a new coordination and leadership so that
civil society is going to be better prepared and dialogue will be better conducted. The
idea of having international steering group or focal point proposed by South African
group was then accepted. The name of focal point was more accepted than Steering group.
5. The proposal was that all facilitators that have been appointed by UN DESA to
facilitate major stakeholders (Third World Network, Danish 92 groups and Environmental
Liason Center International) should be part of this focal point, plus focal point for
each region and sub-region. Discussion then was who should be from Asia Pacific Region be
the focal points. Emmy Hafild and Indonesian People Forum for WSSD (IPF) was then
nominated for Asia Pacific focal point and to be one of the international focal points
plus South African group, plus 5 more sub-regional focal point in Asia Pacific Region.
The sub-regional focal points are: Vicky Tauli Corpuz from Tebtebba Foundation for South
East Asia Region, Angie Heffernan and Patricia Duma for South Pacific, Australia and New
Zealand; Anju Sharma from CSE for South Asia, Oleg Tsaruk from RIOD for Central Asia
(only for two weeks and he will confirm after two weeks) and Kim Chee from Korean Forum
for WSSD for North and Northeast Asia.
6. The Focal points will work together to ensure civil society participation in
multistakehodler dialogue will be maximized in the coming PrepComm II.

This is all my note, please add more if you remember more about our discussion and
suggest to delete those which are not part of the agreement.

Jakarta, December 4th, 2001.
Secretariat of Indonesian People’s Forum



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