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[후쿠시마원전] 방사능이 인체에 미치는 영향

본 표는 3.17 BBC 보도 내용을 발췌한 것입니다. 자료의 원출처는 World Nuclear Association이라고 되어있습니다. Radiation Dose의 시간 단위에 유의하여 살펴보세요.

Danger level

Radiation dose Effect

Source: World Nuclear Association 

출처: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-12722435


2 millisieverts per year (mSv/yr)

Typical background radiation experienced by everyone (average 1.5 mSv in Australia, 3 mSv in North America)

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9 mSv/yr

Exposure by airline crew flying New York-Tokyo polar route


20 mSv/yr

Current limit (averaged) for nuclear industry employees

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50 mSv/yr

Former routine limit for nuclear industry employees. It is also the dose rate which arises from natural background levels in several places in Iran, India and Europe


100 mSv/yr

Lowest level at which any increase in cancer is clearly evident.

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350 mSv/lifetime

Criterion for relocating people after Chernobyl accident


400 mSv/hr

The level recorded at the Japanese nuclear site, 15 March

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1,000 mSv single dose

Causes (temporary) radiation sickness such as nausea and decreased white blood cell count, but not death. Above this, severity of illness increases with dose


5,000 mSv single dose

Would kill about half those receiving it within a month


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