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[Action]Stop imminent land grab that threatens more than 162,000 people in Tanzania

Act Now: Stop Imminent Land Grab That Threatens More Than 162,000 People in Tanzania


Iowa-based investor Bruce Rastetter and fellow investors in the
industrial agricultural corporation AgriSol Energy (http://media.oaklandinstitute.org/land-deals-africa/agrisol-energy-llc) have their sights on 800,000 acres (325,000 hectares)
of land in Tanzania that is home to 162,000 people.

The proposed site is inhabited by former refugees from
neighboring Burundi. Most of the residents, several generations of
families who have successfully re-established their lives by
developing and farming the land over the last 40 years, will be
displaced against their will. They will lose their livelihoods and
their community. Once they are gone, Agrisol Energy will move

Despite rising international criticism of the proposed plan to
evict the residents in the proposed lease areas for foreign investors,
the Tanzanian government plans to move forward with the project.

We Need Your Help Today to Make Sure That Won’t
Please Send a Message to Bruce Rastetter, Other
Principle Investors, and the Prime Minister of the United Republic of


AgriSol has promoted this large-scale land acquisition as a
project to transform Tanzania into a “regional agricultural
powerhouse” by combining the country’s abundant agricultural
natural resources with “modern” farming practices, including
the use of genetically modified crops. Unfortunately, AgriSol’s
plans–which include seeking Strategic Investor Status from the
Tanzanian government that would grant them tax holidays and other
critical investment incentives (including waiver of duties on
agricultural and industrial equipment supplies, export guarantees, and
certainty for use of GMO and Biotech and production of biofuels),
while generating tremendous profit for the investors -will do little,
if anything, for Tanzanians. On the contrary, it is likely that if
this land deal goes ahead it will set a precedent for future land
rights abuses.

More details can be found in the Oakland Institute Brief, AgriSol
Energy and Pharos Global Agriculture Fund’s Land Deal in Tanzania (http://media.oaklandinstitute.org/land-deal-brief-agrisol-energy-and-pharos-global-agriculture-fund%E2%80%99s-land-deal-tanzania).

We fear that this project could move quickly forward unless the
Tanzanian government and the US investors realize that the world is

Join us in Holding AgriSol Energy

Send them the message that proceeding with their
plans is not “socially responsible agricultural



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