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IEA releases latest statistics on global CO2 emissions

IEA releases latest statistics on global CO2 emissions


China and the United States emitted 41% of world’s emissions in 2009


While carbon dioxide emissions in developing countries continued to grow in 2009 (+3.3%), emissions of developed countries fell sharply (-6.5%), according to a new publication from the International Energy Agency.


Statistics for 2009 show that emission levels for the group of countries participating in the Kyoto Protocol – a multinational agreement to mitigate climate change – were just shy of 15% below their 1990 level.


These findings are contained in a free document (http://www.iea.org/co2highlights) which contains highlights from CO₂ Emissions from Fuel Combustion 2011.  The full-scale study will be released in November 2011. The free document, which contains all the latest information on the level and growth of CO₂emissions, has been released in the lead-up to the UN climate negotiations in Durban to provide input and support for the UN process.


Key findings include:

–          In 2009, 43% of CO2 emissions from fuel combustion were produced from coal, 37% from oil and 20% from gas.

–          Two-thirds of global emissions for 2009 originated from just ten countries, with the shares of China and the United States far surpassing those of all others. (Combined, there two countries alone produced 41% of the world’s CO2 emissions).

–          Two sectors – Electricity and heat generation and transport – produced nearly two-thirds of global CO2 emissions in 2009.





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