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[Column]Stop nukes now

Stop nukes now

By Heike Fink, The StarPhoenix August 15, 2011

The StarPhoenix editorial Nuclear storage needs study (SP, Aug. 11),
states that “spent nuclear waste material has been stored safely for
decades.” Where?

There is no final nuclear waste storage facility anywhere in the world
and the ones existing for lower radioactive waste are anything but safe.

The German government has just recently decided that one of its nuclear
waste dumps for low and medium nuclear waste is not safe anymore. Water
is leaking into the storage facility and radioactive cesium137, about
24 times higher than the legal limit, has been measured.

Accordingly the German government plans to retrieve 126,000 barrels of
low and medium nuclear waste, many of them rusty and leaking. The whole
operation will cost German taxpayers about 3.7 billion euros (roughly
$5.2 billion).

Nuclear energy is really safe and cheap, isn’t it?

This nuclear waste dump is in an old salt mine, so geologically
different from the granite in Northern Saskatchewan but the situation
is still very comparable, since at the time the voices of critical
scientists and the concerned public also had been ignored by their

I agree with the view that “the current generation has some
responsibility to deal with this material.” I actually think this
generation has all the responsibility, but the only responsible way to
deal with nuclear material is to stop all nuclear energy operations

Heike Fink Prud’Homme




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