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Do you know what’s happening in Jeju Island?

Do you know what’s happening in Jeju Island?
Gureombi Rock, home of many endangered species, is being blasted off by the government and the ROK Navy!
The blasting has started on 7th March, and this worst ever kind of brutal demolition and utmost human barbarity is still going on. 
Gureombi Rock,
measuring 1.2 kilometer long and over 250 meters across, has been a hallowed symbol of Gangjeong Village in Jeju Island, South Korea. The coastal area here, designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is a habitat for many endangered species such as soft corals, the red-footed crab, narrow-mouthed toads, etc.
has begun to set in into this Gangjung Village, a peaceful fishing and farming village populated with 1,900 residents, since 2007. The Korean government announced a plan for construction project of a 450,000m²-large naval base, a port of call which would be home to 20 warships and submarines. The project was to be done with by 2014 on the total budget of 1.03 trillion won($921million). Once constructed, the US Military will be able to include the base as a strategic component in its sea-based Ballistic Missile Defense System to contain China.
The Korean government and the ROK Navy
has designated Gangjeong Village as the site for the naval base through deceptive and manipulative measures. Although there were only a series of phony public hearings and strong divergence of opinions on whether the site is suitable for a military base, the construction is about to be enforced in full swing.

(You could get more info through the attached file.)

Please join our online petition. The petition will be going directly to President Lee, Myungbak.

We urge Korea government to halt naval base construction in Jeju Island, to halt violent suppression to demonstrators, and to respect democracy in Korea. Jeju Island residents are struggling to preserve the abundant ecological resources and to keep peace in the island which is at the risk of militarization.

We support the peaceful efforts of Jeju Island residents.


Would you like to join the petition?
Then please go to the website(https://secure.avaaz.org/kr/save_jeju_island/?r=act),
fill the blanks.





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